MAJORETTE knows how to appeal to all enthusiasts with realistic vehicles for young and old that will give pleasure and hours of fun to the whole family. • A long tradition, dating back to 1960s France. • High quality and play value of the model vehicles. The use of sturdy materials combined with premium workmanship in our own production sites means that they are of high quality and are particularly resilient. Opening doors and suspension in the tires guarantees plenty of fun. • A desire for authenticity, which we strive to satisfy over and over again with new, realistic product ranges. Majorette develops innovative play sets and model vehicles that are geared towards the real world. • A large selection of different vehicles in all kinds of shapes and colours with world famous brands of cars, so there's something for everyone. • The love of collecting, which unites all ages. Majorette stands for passion which inspires children and adults all across the world.